One Of The Finest iPhone Cases You Can Get Under $30

So we got a chance to get our hands on Rihnoshield Playproof case for iPhone and spoilers alert its AMAZING!

Rhinoshield is know for making durable iPhone cases and bumpers and it is no exception with the playproof case.

playproof 2.JPG

So lets start with the design and build quality. Playproof comes in many different designs and colors and the one we have is very minimalist looking and it looks phenomenal it does a great job at looking simple and complex at the same time though at last the design is a personal preference its totally upto you what color and what model you choose.

The build quality is just outstanding and the fit is really precise which is not a common thing in iPhone cases. There’s a honeycomb type pattern inside the case, which Evolutive calls eggdrop technology.

Eggdrop design and special polymer gives this case an incredible 11.5 feet of drop protection.


The most amazing part of this case is that it is super thin for a durable case if you look at all the other durable iPhone cases you can clearly see they look like a piece of military hardware but it is not with the Playproof.

playproof 3.JPG

There’s no play around the perimeter of the case. It has a nice clean fit.

The buttons are tactile and very responsive. I wouldn’t categorize this as a grippy case. It’s slippery on the back. The sides do have more grip.

There is not much to say about an iPhone case but I will highly recommend to get Playproof if you want to keep you iPhone safe and also does not want to compromise with the design and build quality.

playproof 4.JPG

Playproof is durable,thin and looks good though there are some problem in grips but thats not a big deal for me.


Overall I am really satisfied with the case itself and I can say that it is “One of the finest iPhone cases available in the market”


We will do the drop test and will post the video very soon. So stay tuned for that..

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#One Of The Finest iPhone Cases You Can Get Under $30