Nintendo Switch New Exclusive Game Leaked Online

French publication Gamesblog has lifted the lid on an upcoming Nintendo Switch title which is titled Seasons of Heaven. The game is developed by French video game studio AnyArts Productions. It follows the adventures of a young boy Yann who has Aspergers syndrome and his bulldog Ani. The game is up and running on Unreal Engine 4 and you can switch between the two characters.

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Nina and Ana are the children of the leader of a group of survivors. They learn to work in a new world, remembering every day that arrogance and omnipotence of Man were right … their planet. But her he passes before the end?

He tells … and this among other young Yann Asperger’s syndrome and his French bulldog Ani, Elise and Tim’s parents, James, Sarah, their son Thomas. Nico Augusto did you then visit the dark and Paradise.

Source – Mynintendonews

#Nintendo Switch New Exclusive Game Leaked Online