Most Disappointing Video Game Of 2016

Video games can offer gamers an escape, adventure, or even a nightmare. A nightmare is what gamers experienced in 2016 with these titles. Even though gamers are notoriously hard to please (science, bro), and their expectations rarely ever met, there are still plenty of games that just can’t be defended from criticism.

The Division

It felt like Ubisoft’s The Division was in development for a long time. Regardless of the game not really looking or performing how it did in stage and tech demos.

The Division wasn’t actually a necessarily bad game. It’s just that after an initial play-through of around twenty hours, that was it. Time’s up. Nothing left to do. That’s the disappointment here.


Ubisoft tried to compete with Bungie’s Destiny in 206 and didn’t hit the same sort of highs that Destiny did. There were no raids, no longevity, no real excitement built around DLC and added content. It was also plagued with technical issues on the console and PC port.

Especially on the PC port in which information about players was stored on hard drives instead of servers allowing hackers and modders to essentially cheat the multiplayer aspect of the game. Not very welcoming.

Source – Faghero

#Most Disappointing Video Game Of 2016