Greatest Video Game Soundtracks Of All Time

Whether or not you believe video games qualify as art, these twelve video game soundtracks should convince you that video game scores most certainly do.

Chrono Trigger

“It was kind of like a festival,” said Takashi Tokita in a recent interview, reminiscing about the development of Squaresoft’s classic time travel RPG. “It was really fun.” Yasunori Mitsuda’s lush soundtrack perfectly captured the festival atmosphere. Songs like “Guardia Castle” and “Corridors of Time” capture the tonal breadth of the game.


Shifting from orchestral stoicism to synthesized awe and wonder between the two of them, but still feel like they’re part of a cohesive whole. As his first full soundtrack, Chrono Trigger defined Mitsuda as a composer and also felt like a final statement on the Super Nintendo, the song “To Far Away Times” a fitting farewell to the console’s unique soundchip.


Nier made no sense when it came out in 2010 and it doesn’t make any more sense now that it’s become a cultishly adored tributary in the stream of PS3/360 RPGs. What happens when Square-Enix tries to make an action RPG that appeals to both east and west, with different main characters for each region? A bizarre, pastoral post-apocalyptic adventure starring a violent hermaphrodite and a talking book soundtracked by some of the most moving new age music ever written thanks to Keiichi Okabe. Calling Nier’s soundtrack new age is misleading, but it’s the closest categorization.


There is for its mix of soaring orchestral pieces, quiet Spanish guitar, and Emi Evans’ ethereal singing in what she describes as “made-up futuristic languages.” “Hills of Radiant Wind” sounds like a cut from Now That’s What I Call Music in the technologically advanced future of Middle-earth. “City of Commerce,” with its plucked guitar and shuffling doumbek beat, is the sound of crumbling buildings overtaken with vines. Raw magic.


Perhaps you didn’t know that a cello could simultaneously break your heart and put it back together again. Austin Wintory’s beautifully atmospheric Journey soundtrack positively soars. From the mournful “Nascence” and echoing “The Call,” to the sand surfing joys of “The Road Of Trials” and the victorious “Apotheosis,” Wintory makes Journey a tour de force of strings-driven emotion.


This was the very first video game soundtrack to be nominated for a Grammy for good reason and matched up with the sandy visuals of ThatGameCompany’s masterpiece perfectly. Layered on top of the ringing chirps of your be-scarfed adventurer, this is the beautiful and heartbreaking sound of video game music transcending anything that has gone before.

Source – Gamesradar

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