Battlefield 1 Looks Amazing In PlayStation 4 Pro

The enhanced Battlefield 1 PS4 Pro version looks absolutely gorgeous on Sony’s new console. The recently launched PS4 Pro has twice the graphical power of the regular PS4. And developers are already using that power to improve the visuals of their games. The Battlefield 1 is one of those games.

With the launch of the PS4 Pro, many games got an update to take advantage of the new power in the PS4 Pro. For Battlefield 1, the advantage appears to be much greater than expected.

Not only does Battlefield 1 PS4 Pro version offer better resolution, rendering its 4K image using a variety of techniques such as the checkerboard-method, it also increases the visual quality, with more and better particle effects and textures.

Finally, if that wasn’t enough, the game’s frame rate is smoother as well, especially in multiplayer.

DICE has taken a balanced approach and improved every aspect of the game’s visuals for the PS4 Pro: higher rendering resolution, better image quality, and faster frame rates.

Not only that, those on standard 1080p monitors will see a huge improvement as well, as the PS4 Pro renders a higher-res image and downsamples it to 1080p, resulting in a crisper, cleaner image.

Here are some comparison videos between the Battlefield 1 PS4 Pro edition and the regular version. However, it’s hard to see the real difference unless you’re on a 4K monitor.

Source – BfCentral

#Battlefield 1 Looks Amazing In PlayStation 4 Pro