Someone Just Spotted A Halo like Ship In Australia

Someone needs to contact Master Chief immediately and tell him to get over to Australia. A man has just spotted what sure as hell looks like one of those troop carrier ships flying over Australia.

Are Covenant Elites are about to jump out of it and infiltrate Australia. And is this part of Dona’s Trump’s political campaign. We just don’t know.


Oh wait, yeah we do. Because the photo is actually a police helicopter taken on a 30-second exposure. ‘I left the shutter open while a police helicopter searched for a fugitive.
‘It was exactly a 30 second exposure,” said Redditor Tom West. ‘It’s just a single exposure, the helicopter was moving pretty quick. We were in a bay just south of Sydney and it was circling for quite some time.’

Source – Gameplayerreviews

#Someone Just Spotted A Halo like Ship In Australia