Battlefield 1 Vs Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Vs Titanfall 2 – Which Is The Best ?

With Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare all hitting stores within two weeks of one another, it’s safe to say that this is the most chaotic period in the history of AAA FPS gaming.

Will Battlefield 1 make up for the previous game’s horrid launch? Is Titanfall 2 a dark horse? Can CoD manage to innovate once again?


Battlefield 1: An absolute beast, regardless of what platform you’re playing it on. DICE’s games always look fantastic and this is no exception. Frame-rate drops are somewhat understandable during intense online firefights on consoles, but it’s mostly gorgeously slick.


Titanfall 2: Major props to Respawn for delivering a game that almost entirely maintains a smooth 60 FPS in both the campaign and online. It’s not going to win any awards for the best-looking game of the year, but it’s glossy in all the right ways.

CoD: Infinite Warfare: The single player in particular is an impressive visual feast, and multiplayer holds up pretty well too. Some frame-rate drops here and there, but it basically looks great throughout.

WINNER: Battlefield 1 and it’s not even close, though all three games hold up very well in this department.

Story Mode

Battlefield 1: Expectations were incredibly low, but BF1’s War Stories campaign was surprisingly effective, with well-drawn characters, actual emotional depth and solid gameplay variety. It’s still fairly basic FPS fare overall, but a major step-up from previous games.


Titanfall 2: Probably the most pleasantly surprising single-player game of the year so far. It’s incredibly short at just 4.5 hours in length, but it’s action-packed, hilarious, and with its Effect and Cause mission, features one of the most brilliantly innovative levels from any FPS game in recent memory.

CoD: Infinite Warfare: It has some interesting ideas and serves up a ton of side content, but the storyline is utter nonsense, Kit Harington’s villain is a major disappointment and it ultimately ends up oddly tedious. Not as inane as last year’s campaign, but still not particularly good.

WINNER: Titanfall 2’s campaign came out of nowhere and stole this one away. In a word, a triumph.

Split-Screen Multiplayer

Battlefield 1: There’s no split-screen offering to speak of whatsoever, sadly.

Titanfall 2: Respawn did admit to toying around with couch co-op options (a co-op campaign would’ve been amazing), but said they ultimately couldn’t get it to work satisfactorily. better-split-screen-feature-call-of-duty-2016.jpgCoD: Infinite Warfare: Two-player split-screen is possible in both multiplayer and Zombies, as usual.

WINNER: Call of Duty wins by default here, though it’s a depressing sign of the times that less and less games seem to care about giving players the option of couch play.

It may not be the end of the world, but it’s always a welcome feature for those who like to play with their buddy actually physically present.


Battlefield 1: While BF1 could certainly do more in terms of weapon customisation, it boasts a diverse arsenal and, well, you can use a shovel to smack your enemies around the face. Plus, it’s got an insane number of vehicles, including horses, which make for great weapons in their own right.


Titanfall 2: There’s a lot of diversity here, too, from the expected machine guns and whatnot to powerful anti-Titan weaponry and, of course, the Titans themselves. The “feel” of the weapons is fantastic.

CoD: Infinite Warfare: CoD has always been great at giving players a ridiculous customisation suite, and this year is no different. The Seeker grenades are probably the best addition this year, though overall it’s not a particuarly remarkable loadout.

WINNER: Titanfall 2 comes very close, but BF1’s vehicles really pushes it over the top and ensures there’s just about something for every mood and play-style.

Multiplayer: Overall

Battlefield 1: As usual for the series, BF1 is all about scale and scope, and its gigantic 64-player battles deliver a unique experience you can’t get anywhere else. The cornerstone this year is the excellent Operations mode, a sprawling tug-of-war that can take up to an hour to complete. The slower pace won’t be for all tastes, but it’s terrifically epic.

battlefield 1

Titanfall 2: It basically just offers up more of the same with some minor tweaks, but TF2’s multiplayer is incredibly slick, fast and action-packed. Much more could’ve been done to reinvent the wheel, but it’s damn good fun all the same.

CoD: Infinite Warfare: A crushing disappointment. CoD is usually incredibly reliable in this regard, but this year’s edition boasts awful lag compensation/time-to-kill, dull maps, and is ultimately more frustrating than enjoyable.

WINNER: Battlefield 1 just offers up the most singular experience, and it gets a lot of points for roping so many players into one single match.


Battlefield 1: Battlefield has always been a winner in this department, especially as it pertains to sound effects and musical score. Additionally, the campaign voice acting this year is also surprisingly great.

Titanfall 2: Who doesn’t love the “Prepare for Titanfall” voiceover? Voice work in the campaign is also solid, and while the score is honestly pretty forgettable, the sound effects work is absolutely on-point.


CoD: Infinite Warfare: Voice acting is mostly good, though Kit Harington basically just phones it in. Musical score is decent if unremarkable, and a lot of sound effects have been noticeably recycled from previous games.

WINNER: Battlefield continues to be an aural powerhouse. Play with headphones for a truly jaw-dropping experience.

Gameplay: Overall

Battlefield 1: Multiplayer is an absolute blast even with a slower-pace than its competition, and while the campaign doesn’t have the same level of effort put into it mechanically speaking, it’s still a lot of fun.

Titanfall 2: Titanfall 2 defines slickness: the campaign makes excellent use of all the traversal mechanics, and the core tenets of the multiplayer are terrific even if the maps could use some work.


CoD: Infinite Warfare: The campaign is serviceable, but the multiplayer is ruined by the aforementioned TTK issues. It’s more frustrating than fun, which basically kills it.

WINNER: A very tough one, but Battlefield promises an experience like nothing else, with its large-scale multiplayer battles creating an atmosphere you just can’t get in any other game.


Battlefield 1: War Stories will take you around 4-5 hours to complete, and reaching rank 100 online can last hundreds of hours…if you want to invest that much time, of course.

Titanfall 2: Single-player is over in a flash, but the highly addictive regeneration gimmick (where each new generation of multiplayer takes less time than the previous “prestige”) incentivises a ton of online play.


CoD: Infinite Warfare: The campaign is 5-8 hours, Zombies is a huge time sink, and hitting Prestige takes a good 20-ish hours, if you can handle dying a lot.

WINNER: A tough one, actually. Call of Duty wins because it’s got the longest campaign and a Zombie mode they could easily have started charging extra for many, many years ago.

It doesn’t excuse some of their shadier business practices, such as locking Modern Warfare Remastered behind this game, but assuming you’re not seduced by microtransactions, CoD wins.

Overall Winner

Battlefield 1: After an atrocious Battlefield 4 launch, EA and DICE managed to pull off a ludicrously entertaining follow-up that solved many of the series’ nagging issues while still serving up the much-loved multiplayer mayhem. A triumph.


Titanfall 2: This was nothing if not a pleasant surprise. With a surprisingly involving campaign and fine-tuned multiplayer, it’s a damn shame the game just isn’t selling, though EA deciding to release it between the other two games was mightily stupid.

CoD: Infinite Warfare: A colossal disappointment, with a so-so campaign and multiplayer suite that, in its current state, borders on unplayable for the more short-tempered of players.

WINNER: Battlefield 1 is the decisive winner and the title most worth your time and money, if you have to choose of course.

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