Grand Theft Auto 5 Is The Best Selling Game Of 2016 So Far

Grand Theft Auto V has consistently been on the PC best selling list every month since its release. And as such, you’d expect that its sales would be right up there with the best franchise releases from this year – and you’d be right.

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But what you wouldn’t expect is it to outsell nearly everything else this year.

It moved 10 million units in 2016 (across all consoles and PC), according to Take Two’s earnings call. For context, the Wii U’s best selling title was Mario Kart 8, which has sold only 8 million copies since its release nearly two years ago. And uh, almost every other Wii U game since it’s release, too.

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The series as a whole has sold 250 million units worldwide across all platforms. That’s about the same as Call of Duty, which has had annual releases for the past seven years.

Source – Pvplive

#Grand Theft Auto 5 Is The Best Selling Game Of 2016 So Far