Rocket League Is One Of The Most Most Successful Video Games Of All Time

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Coming off remembering why Skyrim is such a masterpiece, it’s hard to cast your mind to anything else. But that’s where Rocket League comes in. Psygnosis’ little gem is video gaming personified; an unmatched mix of arcade delights that pop out of every button pushed and especially every goal scored.

There’s a sense of uncertainty when you connect with the ball that makes every shot on target something to leap out your seat and cheer about. Its learning curve is one anyone can get on board with, before the higher tiers of play show off some truly wondrous displays of skill and discipline.

Perfect in short bursts or studied to truly analyse why its physics model is so impeccable, there’s nothing like a game of Rocket League. Considering the thousands of hours people have put in already and the fact it’s now a registered eSport.

the momentum on this perfect piece of digital entertainment won’t be abating any time soon.

Source – Whatculture

#Rocket League Is One Of The Most Most Successful Video Games Of All Time