Grand Theft Auto 5 Sold More Than 70 Million Copies

Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games and 2K Games, reported earnings today for its fiscal Q2 2017 (ended September 30), providing an update on the company’s business outlook. Among the key takeaways was that Grand Theft Auto V has sold-in 70 million copies (up from 65 million), while its online mode, GTA Online, continues to grow.


In terms of money, net revenue grew 21 percent to $420.2 million, up from $347 million during the same period last year. Leading drivers of revenue for the period were NBA 2K16, GTA V, GTA Online, BioShock: The Collection, and XCOM 2.

gta 5

Revenue from digital sources jumped by 14 percent to $230.8 million, up from $202.4 million. What Take-Two calls recurrent consumer spending (virtual currency, DLC, and online game revenue), accounted for 31 percent of total revenue and 56 percent of digitally delivered revenue. NBA 2K16, GTA V, and GTA Online were called out as leading growth drivers in this area.

Source – Gamespot

#Grand Theft Auto 5 Sold More Than 70 Million Copies