The Best Call Of Duty Game Ever Made

Whether you’re a fan of the franchise or not, there is no denying the milestones that the Call of Duty franchise achieved are nothing short of amazing. The series have been running for over 10+ years, each year bringing the same amount of energy and trying to innovate by introducing new and refined gameplay elements.

 Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Though it may not look as great or boast as many features as the later games in the series, no subsequent game has excited and entertained players as much as the original revolutionary, Earth-shatteringly brilliant Modern Warfare.

call of duty modern warfare 1

It has a special place in the hearts of almost all CoD players, because it’s likely the game that got them hooked on the series in the first place, and with its addictive, crack-like multiplayer suite, changed the landscape of both the genre and gaming as a whole forever. It’s surprising that it took a developer so long to take the RPG leveling mechanic and introduce it into the shooter genre, but Infinity Ward finally did it, and the results were glorious, such that pretty much every other online shooter, and numerous other genres

(such as racing games) have also adopted this progression model. The superbly cinematic single-player mode wasn’t far behind either, helping take the FPS game to new heights, because who can forget the adrenaline rush of wandering aimlessly around the aftermath of a nuclear explosion, and of course, the intense slow-motion finale.


It has in many ways been bettered by the games that followed, but no game in the series has quite held players in its grasp like Modern Warfare. How would you rank the Call of Duty franchise?

Source – Whatculture

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