Ash Tailor – The Most Innovative Technology Youtuber

Lets talk about Youtube technology channels they are more than we need and I watch some of them like MKBHD, Unbox Therapy, Austin Evans and so on. But I recently stumble upon a tech channel which is way different than any other tech channel I have watched over past few years. And that is channel is “Ash Tailor

As I would like to say the most “Innovative” youtube tech channel in my opinion he makes tech videos of course but sometimes he also covers gaming. And let me you tell that he is a beast in making great videos.

If you watch any other youtube tech channel you are going to see:

  1. Smooth Pan Shots
  2. More Smooth shots (This time in a garden or something)
  3. A voiceover
  4. And some basic effects

I am not saying these things are bad but they are getting boring and I used have fun watching videos about tech but now every single tech youtuber are doing this. weather he has 1,000 or he has a million subscriber.

But Ash Tailor dare to something different from other youtubers and to be honest I cannot sum up his video quality in bunch of words for that you have see yourself. Amazing cinematography, incredible music, and most importantly honest opinions.

I mean he made a about iPhone 7 which so amazing that it can even trick viewers into that it is an official Apple ad the way he executes shots and editing is just unreal. I mean he has the ability make Nokia 3310 look better iPhone.

Here are some things that makes him a different kind of tech youtuber

  • Unreal Cinematography
  • Phenomenal Music
  • Good use of lighting
  • Great opinions
  • Tries cover something that people usually don’t seem to care about’

I know i am not doing justice by pointing out few things about him but for everything you have to see his channel. Right now he has only 41k Subscribers and honestly that’s a shame he puts a lot of effort in his video and he is not getting back the kind of response he should get.

So guys I highly recommend you to subscribe to his channel for more AWESOME content. Lets everybody make his channel cross 100k subs to the end of year.

Ash if you are reading this I am Big fan of yours and I just to tell you one thing that keep it up! don’t even think about quitting youtube

[Note – The article is not sponsored]