Nintendo Wii U Production Will End on November 4

Nintendo will end Wii U production on November 4, a new report has suggested. Citing “multiple sources,” Eurogamer reports that the deadline for the final batch of Wii U consoles was October 31, and the Japanese production line will shut down once these have been fulfilled.

The Wii U launched in November 2012 and, as of September 30, it has sold 13.36 million units. This is considerably less than the 100 million figure Nintendo internally projected the console would sell.


Although Nintendo is yet to officially announce Wii U production is ending, the timing makes sense.The company’s next platform, Nintendo Switch, is scheduled to launch in March 2017. The console/handheld hybrid was officially unveiled on October 20 and Nintendo has said it will announce the Switch’s price, launch lineup, and specs on January 12. There will be no further information on the Switch until then.

Source – Gamespot

#Nintendo Wii U Production Will End on November 4