Nintendo Switch Has 720p Multi Touch Screen Display

It’s been a week since NX became Nintendo Switch and we finally learned all about Nintendo’s next home console – except, actually we didn’t learn all there is to it.

Last week’s slick trailer gave a solid overview of Switch’s core mechanics, but Eurogamer has learned about other features which were not shown or talked about.

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A number of sources, including those who informed me of the Switch’s design and detachable controllers back in July, have all confirmed other capabilities which Nintendo is currently keeping quiet.

Let’s start with the Nintendo Switch’s screen. It is 6.2″ in size, 720p and – for the first time in any Nintendo device – boasts a capacitive multi-touch screen.

(Both 3DS and Wii U featured resistive touchscreens, reliant on pressure and less precise. They were also single-touch only.)


As is standard for capacitive devices such as most modern smartphones, Switch’s screen is a 10-point multitouch display, meaning multi-finger gestures are supported.

Why not mention the touchscreen in the trailer, or show users playing with it? Perhaps Nintendo did not want to confuse its messaging of Switch being able to play standard home console games on the go.

Switch does not carry the DS or Wii U branding, for example, and both of those were defined – for better and worse – by their tablet-esque stylus controls. Demonstrating touchscreen on Switch now might suggest a continuation of both those brands rather than a brand new device.

Source – Eurogamer

#Nintendo Switch Has 720p Multi Touch Screen Display