Nintendo Switch Price Will Be Around $299

Only Nintendo could release a feature-packed trailer for their first console in four years (or to those who never realised the Wii U was a new console, a decade), and then go silent.

Regardless, so far the Switch has been incredibly well received on the consumer side, with thousands of us imagining the potential of a ‘portable home console experience’ (Rocket League on your lunch break FTW), yet when it comes to brass tacks facts, they’re far thinner on the ground.

nintendo switch

Another thing that people could probably do with being announced officially – especially seeing as plenty consumers want to reserve/pre-order one of these things – is the price.

Alas, Nintendo haven’t said a peep and the advert ended with a logo accompanying a ‘March’ release date. To that end, at time of writing we have no idea what the official price will be, but Gamestop have it set at £399.97, presumably a figure that’s intentionally overblown for the sake of refunding consumers the difference.

That said, Bloomberg quoted analyst David Gibson as reducing that price down to around $250 (£200) as some sort of “sweet spot” for what people expect to pay for a handheld/home console hybrid.


Don’t forget, the Switch is going up against both the reduced PS4 Slim, the Pro, Xbox One’s original models (which will get reduced immensely to push the Xbox One S) and the Xbox Scorpio in the next year alone.

That’s a lot of potential options to spend your hard-earned cash – would you just think “F**k it, I’ll get the expensive one”?

Source – Whatculture 

#Nintendo Switch Price Will Be Around  $299