Nintendo Switch Not Backward Compatible With 3DS And Wii U

Nintendo has confirmed that the upcoming Switch will not be backwards compatible with physical 3DS and Wii U games. Japanese gaming outlet Famitsu asked the company a number of questions and posted the answers to its website.

It’s already been confirmed that the Switch will use cartridges, so it’s not surprising that physical Wii U games aren’t supported. Now, we know physical 3DS games won’t be playable on the new system, either.


Aside from the backwards compatibility news, Nintendo told Famitsu that two Joy-Con controllers, the left and the right, will be bundled with the system. The company said it would talk more details about the Switch’s cartridges, battery life, and processing power at a later date.

Nintendo revealed the Switch with a preview trailer that showed some of the ways players can use the new console. We saw multiple games including a new Mario title, an NBA 2K game, and Skyrim.

Source – Gamespot

#Nintendo Switch Not Backward Compatible With 3DS And Wii U