Half Life 3 Will Probably Launch In 2018 With Full VR Support

Valve is still suspiciously quiet regarding Half-Life 3 but new leaked info and rumors claim that the game has already been confirmed with a new VR version included when it finally launches in 2018.

Fans all over the world are still waiting for the sequel to one of Valve’s most successful games in history. Gordon Freeman battles aliens and the Combine in the second installment of the Half-Life franchise and players were left on a cliffhanger with the last episodes.


There is no official word from Valve regarding the Half-Life 3 release date or even if it does exist in the first place. It has been several years since the last installment and players are now waiting for the new game.

Data miners recently found a code for “HLVR” in the recent DOTA 2 update which could mean Half-Life 3 VR which is a more than welcome addition for its release, Gamenguide has learned. In addition, there are also reports that HTC and Valve are once again teaming up to make a new headset with the Half-Life theme.

Speculations are now pointing to a HL3 release with the VR headset included. HTC Vive has been widely successful and the headset itself is part of an ongoing promotion with the HP Envy desktop PC.


Valve has not confirmed the HLVR code rumors regarding it being Half-Life 3 VR, Mobile & Apps reported. Their silence could just mean that the speculations could hold some truth and that the game could be out soon.

Half-Life 3 could see Freeman taking on the Combine once again with the help of their alien friends. The last episode showed a gruesome death of a character close to Freeman.

The story could be about revenge or vengeance against Half-Life 3’s antagonists. Freeman could still remain voiceless as it is one of his key traits across all of the previous games.


Half-Life 3 release date is set for some time in 2018 which is the year for the franchise’s 20th anniversary. The new VR headset and the game itself could be launched in the said year if all the rumors are indeed true.

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#Half Life 3 Will Probably Launch In 2018 With Full VR Support