Call Of Duty 2017 Will Take Place In Vietnam War Era

We may still be a few weeks out from the release of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, but rumors have already begun circulating regarding the next game in the long-running shooter series. According to IGN Spain, the 2017 Call of Duty entry will be set during Vietnam.

The rumor itself claims that the Call of Duty sequel will feature a time period that’s some time between 1955 and 1975, so it’s possible that this won’t necessarily be a Vietnam game. Call of Duty: Black Ops, for example, used the Vietnam time period as its setting, but tried to tell its own story.


Of course, there is a certain amount of skepticism with which fans should treat these rumors. Call of Duty development may not be the best-kept secret, but this far out there usually isn’t much to say about the next year’s game, especially when the current year’s game has to release.

That being said, when Call of Duty switched to a three-year cycle with a three-developer rotation, development has started on the next games much earlier. In the case of 2017, that developer is Sledgehammer Games, whose involvement with the project lends more credence to the Vietnam rumors.

See, back when Call of Duty development was shared between Infinity Ward and Treyarch, Sledgehammer was working on a third person Call of Duty project that was going to be set during Vietnam. Through concept art and early footage, gamers could see what Sledgehammer was trying to go for, but unfortunately the project was cancelled before it could ever truly get off the ground.

Source – Gamerant

#Call Of Duty 2017 Will Take Place In Vietnam War Era