Mafia 3 Mission Structures Are Very Repetitive

In many, many ways, although GTA 6 will surely be an enjoyable crime-filled romp through (hopefully) a recreation of Vice City, the Mafia series has slowly been gathering steam – so much so that Mafia 2 became a beloved alternative to Rockstar’s more popular crime-filled behemoth.

Mission Structure Is Fairly Repetitive

Oh boy. Potentially a make-or-break deal for many buyers, according to early audience reactions as well as constant updates from critics it seems that the general mission structure in Mafia 3 leaves plenty to be desired.


Although many similar opinions have been popping up all over gaming forums from people just picking up the title, the most damning criticism came from Twitter, where popular critic Angry Joe wrote that he was “very concerned with grindy repetitive mission structure lacking variation.”

Overall, the general consensus seems to be that the game never really breaks from the “go here, kill that. Go here, kill that” structure, it seems as though there isn’t really much in the title from a gameplay perspective that you can’t experience in the first few hours. That said, it didn’t exactly hurt Far Cry 3, 4, or Primal, now did it?

Although other open-world games can feature a similar problem, the gameplay in Mafia 3 allegedly struggles to keep up with the quality of the narrative and cut-scenes, making every gameplay section feel like a slog you have to grind through before you get to the next juicy piece of story.

Source – Whatculture

#Mafia 3 Mission Structures Is Very Repetitive