One Of The Finest Gaming Headset Under $100

There are many gaming headset you can find around these days but only some of them are worth the money!
And today we have one of the finest gaming headset under $100
This is Nash 20 from Mionix this company is particularly popular for its affordable price and great quality and it is no exception with Nash 20 it has great build quality, Sound, and a mediocre comfort level.
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The Build Quality of the headphone are outstandingly good according to its price.
The design is very minimalist and this is one of the things that we usually don’t see in gaming industry because take a look at most of the gaming headset and they are just too over stylised and They are very big bulky and too flashy.
The headband is nicely padded with 18mm of memory foam and with a 6mm uni-directional flip down microphone that is very sturdy.
Overall the build quality of the headphones are amazing And I have no complaint from them.
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So lets get to main part the AUDIO how the headphone performs and how good or bad the audio quality is ?
I tested few games with Nash 20 like Grand Theft Auto 5(PC), Watch Dogs(PC),Call Of Duty Modern Warfare (PC)  Journey (PS4) and Last Of Us (PS4). I tested Nash 20 on these games only because they have a very good music.
So I can say it without a doubt the audio quality is great the bass and treble is very good I played few online games with my friends and I was hearing there voices crisp and clear. The microphone is not great or amazing but it gets the job done.
Below are specification if you want to know more.
* Impedance : 32? +- 15% at 20 kHz
* Sound Pressure Level: 103db
* Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20 kHz
* Resonance Frequency: ? 100Hz
* Input Power: Nominal 40mW – Max 80mW
* THD: Less than 2% at 1kHz
Less than 5% at 300Hz to 3kHz
* Microphone Frequency: 50Hz – 16kHz
* Mic Signal to Noise Ration: 58dB
I also tested the headphones on my iPhone and Macbook for other uses like listening or watching a movie and they are phenomenal the sound is perfectly balanced there is no extra bass or anything over the top but what they do is just perfect you can totally use these headphones with other things rather than gaming.
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I constantly played Call Of Duty Modern Warfare for straight 6 hours while using these headphones and I can say they did well. But they are not very good for long gaming sessions because I have to pause the game for 1-2 minutes in every 45 minutes to get relaxed and my ears were dark red and they were hurting really bad I don’t know if it is just me or it depends on your skin.
But they are not very comfortable which can be a deal breaker for many people with sensitive skin. Although it was not comfortable for me because of my skin it can be great for you it really depends on the person using the headphones.
Overall Nash 20 are near perfect pair of gaming headset combined with minimal design and great sound it makes this as one of the best gaming headset under $100
but they are not very comfortable to wear for long gaming sessions like I said which can be a deal breaker for some people.
I will definitely use these as my primary headphones and they are going to stay on my setup for a long time.

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#One Of The Finest Gaming Headset Under $100