Nintendo NX Price And Release Date Leaked Online

Nintendo, Nintendo, Nintendo… A video game company with such an incredible pedigree, following, and legacy. How hard things have been for them lately. While everyone remembers the Japanese company’s golden years, what with the original Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and N64, it’s tough to see how hard things have hit them in the past decade. Their last console, the Wii U, was a complete disaster, which is why the company is running full speed towards the release of their next, dubbed the Nintendo NX.


Despite their troubles, the company still remains one of the most important, beloved, and powerful video game companies at present. Millions of fans are waiting for the Nintendo NX, and we have some good news for you: it’s almost here. On top of that, due to some kind of mistake, we might even know the price.

The Nintendo NX is set to launch sometime early next year (some rumors point to March), despite the lack of any official information from the video game giant. While we might not know the exact release date (or anything else regarding the console, for that matter), due to an “accidental” listing on UK retailer Tesco’s website, we now might now the price of the mysterious console/hybrid.


Tesco briefly posted a listing for the NX on their website under the title “Nintendo NX Wii U.” Obviously the title is a bit confusing, as the Wii U is Nintendo’s current home console offering, and the NX is their upcoming console. They can’t be one and the same, as I’m sure the reader knows. The listing was priced at £349.99, which translates to about $450.

Now, considering other offerings in the video game market, this is quite expensive. Considering that the PlayStation 4, which, if the rumors are to be believed, is much more powerful than the Nintendo NX, debuted at $400 three years ago, this price point is very, veryexpensive.


On top of that, Nintendo has historically operated at a lower price point than both Sony and Microsoft’s console offerings. With the upcoming updated PlayStation 4 set to launch at $299, and the Xbox One Sset to launch at the same price point, it’s tough to imagine that Nintendo will debut their new console (purported to be much less powerful than the aforementioned consoles) at a price $150 more than the competition.

Source – ValueWalk 

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