Mafia 3 Is Inspired By Shadow Of Mordor

I don’t know about you, but Mafia III is shaping up to be my personal favourite title of the year. Not only does it look to have an intense and captivating setting in 1960s New Orleans, it looks as though it’s got a bonafide cast of all-star anti-heroes, on top of an already intricate and layered style of gameplay that ostensibly blends stealth, action, and driving to a near perfect conclusion.


Honestly, who would’ve thought that Shadow of Mordor – at one time dismissed entirely on the basis of its status as a licensed title – would have had such a large impact on the industry?

I’m willing to wager not many did, but, if they were going to, there’s little doubt they’d have pointed to the Nemesis System as a key focal point if the title were to have an influence, long term or otherwise.


It’s an influence we can clearly see in Mafia III’s development, as Hangar 13 have seemingly opted for a non-linear narrative, one driven forward by a structure that sees Lincoln dismantle an enemy force through a systematic attack on its hierarchy.

It marks a departure from previous Mafia games, which always followed a chosen mobster from a linear perspective. But that’s a good thing, and only further adds to the title’s cinematic flare and quintessentially sixties sense of itself.

It amplifies player freedom as well, and if you’re going to do a revenge flick, what better way to do it than to empower the player with the means to do it their way?

Source – GamingWhatcuture

Mafia 3 Is Inspired By Shadow Of Mordor