Microsoft Calls Xbox Scorpio The Most Powerful Gaming Console Ever

Microsoft is confident its E3 claim calling Xbox One Scorpio “the most powerful console ever built” is still accurate, even after the PS4 Pro reveal earlier today.

Speaking to IGN, Albert Penello, senior director of product management and planning at Xbox, was bullish about the chances of Scorpio (and Xbox One S) versus Sony’s newly revealed hardware.

“I believe that the difference between what we’re going to deliver with Scorpio from a performance perspective and PS4 Pro will be obvious to customers,” Penello told IGN. “I believe we have the best value this holiday, and I think we’re going to have the most powerful box next year.”


“I think for $299 the Xbox One S with 4K Blu-Ray, with HDR, with the upgraded controller with Bluetooth, and the new design, I think we’ve got a killer product that beats their PS4 Slim on the low end,” he said, adding, “I think that for people who care about the absolute maximum in performance, we said at E3 we’re going to be launching the most powerful console ever made. That is still true.”

“We were very confident when we made the announcement,” he said. “It was kind of a bold thing to say, given the rumors that were out there. And I’m more confident today that we’re going to have the most powerful console ever made.”

Penello also commented on a few other points of Sony’s PlayStation Meeting today, noting that “right now, we are only supporting HDR on Xbox One S and on Scorpio” in response to Sony’s planned PS4 update to make all systems HDR-compatible.

xbox scorpio

As far as “forward compatibility,” Penello told us, “If you go back and watch our launch video, this was one of the key things we stated in the video. We think about [Xbox One and Scorpio] as part of the same family. All of your existing Xbox One games and accessories will work. Your Xbox One games will look better on Scorpio. And I believe we will have a very good story for customers for both upgrading their content and how the cross-compatibility between the two products works. Every game that you’re buying this holiday for Xbox One and Xbox One S is going to work on Scorpio, no problem. Out of the box.”


“But we look for a continuity of players and content and accessories that’s kind of unprecedented, and I think Scorpio is our first foray into that,” he continued. “I think you’re going to go through a period in the industry where people just have to get used to change, because this is a new idea. But I like our vision of forward compatibility, I like our vision beyond console generations. I’m very confident that we’re going to deliver customers a great experience on Scorpio and that co-existence of the Xbox One and S and Scorpio at the same time is going to be a really great thing. I’m really excited about it.”

Ultimately, Penello believes that as systems become more powerful, the PC and console worlds are starting to converge in some ways, but that they’re still separate experiences.

Source – IGN