Mass Effect Andromeda 4K Gameplay Looks Absolutely Gorgeous

BioWare has showcased a section of Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay running on the newly-announced PlayStation 4 Pro, and a huge information blowout for November.

The clip stars male Ryder for the first time, as he explores a vault left by the mysterious Remnant alien race, who look like advanced floating squids. The gameplay looks absolutely awesome with detailed graphics with great textures and lightning.


Previous leaks have pegged the Remnant as the more peaceful of the main two Andromeda races, and with an ancient history to uncover – (a little like the Protheans of our own galaxy, although not dead).

Keep away from Remnants in this demo and they mind their own business, our hero is told.

Eventually, Ryder finds the centre of the vault (after doing a little jumping using his new jetpack) and his companions appear. There’s an asari in your crew, although we knew that already. The demo ends with Ryder activating a galaxy map of the local Helius cluster – the section of Andromeda where the game takes place – and the team fleeing as the Remnant suddenly becoming violent.

#Mass Effect Andromeda 4K Gameplay Looks Absolutely Gorgeous