Playstation 4 New Elite Controller Leaked

A recent posting on has a new PlayStation 4 Elite controller available for preorder. Similar to the Xbox Elite controller, the PS4 Elite controller gives the player the ability to change the function of certain buttons and control the layout to their game. Allowing the player to make game controls work for them instead of the other way around.


As you can see from this image the controller has a bit of a more curved design. The handles are made of a rubberized grip for a more comfortable gaming experience. The joysticks have also been redesigned but the customization of the controller will allow you to change them with the different joystick heads included in the box.


Similar to the Xbox Elite, the back of the controller has the new paddles for even more controller customization. These paddles are easily attached and removed with magnetic connectors. The paddles will allow you to map action buttons to them so to keep your thumbs on the joysticks.

#Playstation 4 New Elite Controller Leaked