New Red Dead Redemption Retribution Rumour Is Fake

Ever since rumors of a new Red Dead game surfaced a few months ago, members of the gaming community have been eagerly awaiting for Rockstar Games to confirm the title’s existence. While nothing has come out of these mumblings despite Rockstar promising to reveal a new game “soon,” a new set of flyers for an alleged Red Dead entry – titled Red Dead Retribution – started making the rounds on social media recently, which caused a storm of speculation among gamers. As interesting as it was to see these flyers emerge, some gamers were skeptical over whether this promotional material was indeed real, and sadly for Red Dead fans everywhere, this skepticism proved to be correct.


As is turns out, the very convincing Red Dead Retribution promotional material going around were nothing more than a fan project, albeit a very well-made fan project involving multiple flyers featuring cowboys and Native Americans, a fake map, and some box art (complete with a 10/10 “review” from IGN).

This Red Dead Retribution fake is just the latest in a number of new Red Dead game rumors that have surfaced in recent months, though this latest one is probably among the more convincing examples so far. While the Retribution rumor has been debunked, there has been speculation that Rockstar Games is currently working on a remaster of Red Dead Redemption, though it remains to be seen whether that rumor has any grounds to it. As for those eager fans wanting to revisit Rockstar’s open-world take on the Old West, they can replay the original Red Dead Redemption on Xbox One via the console’s backward capability program.