Top 5 Worst Video Game Moments Of 2016

It hasn’t all be sunshine and rainbows, however, as the higher the bar of quality across the board, the easier it is for many to slip underneath. And we’re not talking about games that were just wide of the mark – I’m saying the sorts of things you’re about to read about, simply do not belong in an industry that’s otherwise making leaps and bounds in the right direction.

Video games continue to be one of the most lucrative entertainment mediums in the world, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few misguided decisions along the way…

Keiji Inafune Admitting Mighty No. 9 Was “Better Than Nothing”

Like a student hitting the headline and still having a ton of paragraphs to go, Keiji Inafune and the folks over at Comcept must’ve thought “F**k it, it’ll do” before shipping Mighty No. 9.

With graphics that were positively PS2-like, gameplay about as enjoyable as using a Kinect and voice acting that was just laughable, MM9 played about as good as it looked, yet stung like a hornet once you remembered it was worth four million dollars.


In the end, the feedback and consensus was too negative and widespread for Inafune to ignore, and in a livestream he was translated as saying the game was “Better than nothing.”

A later update clarified that what Inafune had actually said was “I own all the problems”, which isn’t really much better, to be honest. Think of how much you could do with four million dollars

 Niantic Breaking Pokémon GO

Metallica may have claimed they’re the ‘Lords of Summer’ in a new track, but there’s one name that absolutely dominated 2016’s brightest months: Pokémon GO.

pokemon Go

Or at least, it did… for a few weeks, until Niantic removed the tracking functionality inherent to how you play the game (y’know, actually finding said Pokémon), thereby breaking its core appeal. They eventually patched in a ‘Sightings’ option to give you an indication that a given creature is in your area, but with no idea of what direction or any distance, it makes any sense of filling your Pokédex a case of blind luck.

To this day, you can’t reliably play Pokémon GO in any fashion other than walking around and just hoping something of worth will pop up, which is a far cry from the delightful state it first launched in.

Street Fighter V Lacking Even The Most Basic Features

A PR’s job when it comes to a game that launches with less than favourable reviews or a markedly negative spin, is to get out there and ‘do a Neo’. With the right mix of words and empathetical tone, occasionally a good ‘message from the developers’ can stop those bullets in mid air, whisper “No” and see them fall to the floor.

Then there’s what Capcom did with Street Fighter V, which is to say, they openly admitted a ton of essential things weren’t included in the game, as they “underestimated the popularity of some of the single-player features.”


Want to hazard a guess at what those things were?

How about no standard ‘vs. CPU’ mode (yes, really, you couldn’t fight the computer), no tutorial, no story mode and no online character select after you’d locked one in from the main menu. Heard about the characters all having new moves as part of something called ‘V Mechanics’?

The Horrible Controls In Star Fox Zero

If all the rumours are true about Nintendo’s NX, the company are learning from all the Wii U’s mistakes, innovating not only on storage media (the return of cartridges, HELL.YES) but also in creating a console that doesn’t have gimmicky features or motion controls in place of buttons.


Case in point: Star Fox Zero’s insistence on using the Wii U Gamepad as an aiming device. No classic controller or support for the Wiimote and Nunchuck here, oh no. Entire sections are also relegated not to the 50+ inch TV you’ve splashed out on, but the tiny screen in between your hands, because that’s how we like to pay 60 dollar titles – as if they were handhelds.

Add in random difficulty spikes and mission audio you may completely miss if the Gamepad’s speaker volume is turned down, and you have a maddeningly designed game that plays in the most confusing and unintuitive way possible.

 What’s At The Centre Of The Galaxy ?

I love No Man’s Sky, but of all the lies (and at this stage, they are lies) that were said in the run-up to release about certain features that are now nowhere to be seen, one that made it in – and is still a massive disappointment – is the ‘reveal’ at the centre of the galaxy.

no mans sky

See, I can get on board with the whole “The game is about exploration, that’s what you do, no specific goals or objectives, just… be…”, but then Sean Murray had to go out in a limb and state that there was something awaiting players at the centre of the galaxy. That was to be our purpose, the very reason we’re doing anything at all. Upgrading ships and suits was all in favour of discovering this illusive ‘thing’ that only a handful of people would ever see.

It’s… another galaxy! EXPLORE!!!!!

#Top 5 Worst Video Game Moments Of 2016