Oliur Rahman – True Definition Of Minimalism

What is minimalism ? According to internet “a movement in sculpture and painting which arose in the 1950s, characterized by the use of simple, massive forms” pretty simple right ? well thats the whole point of minimalism being simplistic in most possible way. But some people have dare to change the meaning of minimalism and are the ones who do! I am talking about “Oliur Rahman” founder of one of the most innovative websites in the world    UltraLinx.


So why I am talking about him here on my gaming website well… There is actually no reasons behind it I am just a big fan of Oliur and his work. So basically what does he do ? Oliur started UltraLinx website during his college and he told about his backstory and kind of birth of Ultralinx in one his videos on his youtube channel you can check the video if you want to. And his Instagram is just basically AWESOME in every way I don’t know how he achieve so perfect and clean shots but whatever I just love his Instagram posts.

Oliur has changed the way we see a furniture or a piece of tech and being myself a blogger I can easily say he does some of the most different and outstanding work. UltraLinx is a web magazine that covers mostly “Tech, Art&Design and Reviews” my favourite thing on the website is “Minimal Design Inspiration Series” If you love minimalism and just want to make your setup or room look clean you should definitely check that out. Oliur is one of my biggest inspiration and he is the only reason why today I am here and I would love to be a part of his work sometime.

After all I just want to say that THANK YOU OLIUR for inspiring me to get into game development and pursing career in blogging.