Nintendo NX Will Be Much Less Powerful Than Xbox One And PS4

The Leak: In opposition to previous speculation, the Nintendo NX will have less raw power than that of the Xbox One and PS4.

What It Means: This rumour has a bunch of implications, raising concerns over whether or not the NX can “keep up” with its competition when it comes to third party titles. But when you think about it, it actually reveals a huge amount about Nintendo’s plans going forward.


If the NX is a home/handheld hybrid, Nintendo can focus all its development teams on making games for a singular unit, making the need for third party titles significantly less important. After all, Nintendo’s requirement for third party support in the past has been more a product of trying to balance the number of games it can make at any one time and less about the need to conform.

The idea that the NX is less powerful than the Xbox One and PS4 actually corroborates many of the current rumours about the system.

#Nintendo NX Will Be Much Less Powerful Than Xbox One And PS4