Why Metal Gear Solid 2 Is One Of The Smartest Video Games Ever Made

The best thing about video games is the freedom they give players to forge their own experience. It’s entirely possible to try and inhabit the mind of whatever character you’re controlling, playing carefully and with the sole intent of completing whatever task the narrative demands.

Metal Gear Solid 2 Ruins Your Life For Killing Seagulls

You’d think that on the list of awful things it’s possible to do in Metal Gear Solid 2 that shooting seagulls would be pretty far down. Well, you’d be wrong (Hideo Kojima must really love seagulls). Regardless of your opinion on the winged creatures, gunning them down is a fire way to ruin your life.


Shoot enough seagulls and you’ll be called “a monster”, your girlfriend will break up with you and you won’t even be able to save the game until you’ve apologised.

Feel bad yet?

Other ways Metal Gear Solid 2 punishes players for misbehaving is by reducing your life gauge for killing children. That seems pretty fair, though, right?

#Why Metal Gear Solid 2 Is One Of The Smartest Video Games Ever Made