Why Battlefield 4 Is One Of The Worst Video Game Launches Of All Time

Sometimes, a product is released to the general public in a genuinely defective state. In most cases, this is done by mistake, the faulty product is immediately recalled and consumers get offered refunds appropriate to their purchase.

The most notoriously broken game ever released to the public, Battlefield 4 was an unprecedented travesty of cosmic proportions. Released in 2013, the game was such a disaster that a class-action lawsuit was filed against the publisher, claiming that EA had purposely misrepresented the public in regards to the fundamentally broken nature of the game.

battlefield 2

Largely, the problems revolved around the multiplayer, which was virtually unplayable. In the game, players experienced immense difficulty even finding a game, the online lag only exacerbating the situation when combined with the numerous glitches and technical problems plaguing the entire experience. Players would spawn inside walls, or teleport around the environment; vehicles were seemingly uncontrollable, and even the visuals were unreliable, faltering constantly as the game attempted to process the action on screen.

It’s unacceptable, and downright criminal to knowingly release a substandard product, yet gamers in particular are growing accustomed to the reality of broken, unplayable games. EA in particular should be held accountable for their actions, but there are plenty of other companies intentionally engaging in fraudulent behaviour. In short, Battlefield 4 should never have happened, its existence proving how dishonest the entire industry is capable of being.

#Why Battlefield 4 Is One Of The Worst Video Game Launch Of All Time