New Final Fantasy XV Video Looks Amazingly Gorgeous

Square Enix has released a new trailer for Final Fantasy XV. This one, titled “World of Wonder Tour of Eos with Noctis,” shows off more on the RPG’s gorgeous and varied environments.

Main character Noctis narrates the video. He led a sheltered life as a prince and never knew what he was missing out in the world. “And now, I can see everything this world has to offer,” he says, as the video shows off all manner of environments like cities, mountainsides, and caves.

“I’m on the road with my friends, looking for the truth,” he adds. “What really happened to my father? And where is Luna? We’ll follow the truth wherever it takes us, together. Come along for the ride.”

In other news about Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix has announced its plans for PAX West, which takes place September 2-5 in Seattle. First, there will be a booth dedicated exclusively to the game. People can line up to play a “brand-new” hour-long demo that begins at the very start of the game. You can pick up a demo ticket at the booth, but they’re expected to go fast.