One Of The Most Horrifying Monsters In Video Games Of All Time

I’m putting it out there – horror as a genre is just plain better when you’re controlling the action on screen. Think about it: As a passive viewer of any given film, be it in the cinema or at home, you’re relegated to merely reacting to everything.

1. Pyramid Head – Silent Hill 2

Talk about him as one of ‘the greatest horror characters in gaming’, I’ve NEVER been able to take Pyramid Head seriously. I mean, just look at him.

Perhaps if we go down the route of ‘things that should not be are inherently a bit scary’, maybe, but for me, well… he’s got a bathtub on his head.


Not to get too informal, but considering in Silent Hill 2 you first see this thing raping some mannequins (a horrific allusion to more mind-games and disturbing imagery that may follow), it’s the subsequent boss encounters where you get to see his character model up close and personal that ruined everything for me.

From the first scene to the last – and especially if you’ve revisited Silent Hill after years of people telling you Pyramid Head was The Scariest Thing Ever – I’m putting this thing up there as a design that just falls way more into comedic territory than anything remotely horrifying.

#One Of The Most Horrifying Monsters In Video Games Of All Time