Dead Island 2 Will Probably Get Cancelled In 2017

Since its announcement at E3 2014, Dead Island 2 has had a pretty tumultuous development schedule. Having originally been scheduled for a 2015 release, it was quickly delayed and arrival in 2016 was expected. This is yet to occur, of course, and no confirmed date has been allocated.

Dead Island2

This is obviously in large part due to the latest problems affecting the game – namely the decision to drop Yager Development from their role within its production. In March this year, the UK-based Sumo Digital announced that they were taking the project on for Deep Silver, but little had been heard since.

In our times of near-constant social media use and regular progress updates, this is definitely concerning. Add to this the fact that some sources noticed that Dead Island 2’s Steam page had been removed and things are looking even more grim. If Fable Legends taught us anything, it’s that troubled projects that struggle like this are pretty much doomed these days; don’t expect to hear much about this game until its cancellation is confirmed.

#Dead Island 2 Will Probably Get Cancelled In 2017