The Most Epic Video Game Boss Battle Of 2016

Hours of playing, character development, honing your skills – it’s safe to say boss battles in video games are special moments.

When done right, boss battles force you to gather everything you’ve learned and truly put it to the test. Of course, there are a ton of enjoyable encounters that simply exist for fun, or as a bookmark to show you’re progressing correctly, but for the sake of this list, we’re talking about boss battles are some of the most memorable parts of their respective games.


Dark Souls III – Soul Of Cinder

Soul of Cinder, the last boss battle in the Souls series. The Soul of Cinder may look a little familiar to you, as he’s also the cover star of the game, hiding under your nose the whole time.


The Soul of Cinder is the combination of all the Lords of Cinder, who happen to be the characters you’ve been playing as throughout the Souls games, and even some you’ve defeated – Chosen Undead, Bearer of the Curse, and Lord Gwyn, among others. As you walk up to him he is sitting at a bonfire, and his moveset is similar to what you’d previously used in past games.

All of this paired with the absolutely stunning background music make for one hell of an epic battle. It was a perfect note to go out on, and while it may not be the hardest of the series overall, is certainly one of the most memorable.

#The Most Epic Video Game Boss Battle Of 2016