Forza Horizon 3 Is One Of The Most Gorgeous Game Ever Made

Driving through the iconic red dirt of the Australian outback, I watched intently as my BMW spun up the dust behind it, scattering it unevenly across the screen. Surely, at some point, those pixelated dust clouds suddenly grew in density, or repeated a formation, or even disappeared, but I couldn’t spot those changes. The dust seemed to move as unnaturally and unpredictably as if it were real, individual particles, not purposefully crafted effects, while it slowly coated the back of my car.


I looked for a specific moment where the dust had finally stuck to my car, too – like how a crash used to automatically result in the same scratches and dents in older racing games – expecting to see predictable patterns emerging on the trunk as it accumulated that red dirt. I couldn’t spot that moment, nor could I spot when it all came off. It was gradual, and subtle, and in that, Forza Horizon 3 – running in 4K on PC – somehow managed to make even dust seem impossibly beautiful.


The same applies to the water droplets that scatter across your windshield while it rains, and the clouds that roll in to signal a change of weather, and the coastal skyscrapers that slowly light up, room by room, as Australia’s Surfer’s Paradise transitions into night time. Those meticulous details surely exist in the console version of the game, too, but in 4K, almost every visual detail of Forza Horizon 3 looks sharp, clear, and consistently engaging. I look forward to drifting my way through the game’s new drift challenges, or flying over one of the new GTA-style jumps that are scattered across the map, or pushing a Supercar to its top-speed on a straight, just to see the difference.


The result is shaping up to be something that’s so satisfying to look at that driving across the expansive map of Australia, and experiencing environmental density far beyond previous games in the Forza series, might be worth trying the game out for by itself. Congratulations, PC players, it looks like you’ve got yourself one beautiful introduction to a great series of racers.

Source – IGN

#Forza Horizon 3 Is One Of The Most Gorgeous Game Ever Made