Hidden Secrets In New Prey 2017 Game Trailer

After launching a cult favorite game in 2006, the Prey series has been in limbo, thanks to a difficult development period leading to cancellation. Even though rumors continued to heat up prior to E3 this year, the debut trailer for the new game was still a welcomed surprise. While the trailer didn’t contain much in the way of gameplay, Arkane Studios apparently hid a few secrets within the trailer, many of which people seemed to overlook.

A new trailer for Prey, voiced by Creative Director Raphael Colantonio, reveals a number of secrets planted in the E3 announcement trailer. While viewers understood that something is horribly wrong by the end of the trailer, there’s a lot more in there that is hidden in plain sight, including an alien creature that quickly shapeshifts into a chair. Colantonio also hints that the coffee cup seen multiple times during the trailer has some odd behavior, though he doesn’t divulge additional details as to what exactly that means.


While there is no new footage or gameplay of any kind, the trailer does provide a few new clues on just how the game will play. Prey will allow players to freely move around the space station, even going back to places they may have already been. The interesting aspect to this is that the content in these zones may have changed, indicating a potential Metroidvania style experience where backtracking is encouraged once additional abilities have been learned. In addition, players are also able to use airlocks to go out into zero-G space to find shortcuts through other airlocks.

Aliens are indeed in the game, though their ultimate plan is still a mystery. Colantonio does admit that they’ve managed to escape captivity and evolve, now serving their own purpose. Players will also discover and be able to use some alien abilities as well, though no further details have been given as of now.

The Prey franchise has been dormant for a while, with the sequel having gone through a very rough development, ultimately being canceled. With lingering questions surrounding this game, which bears the same name as the 2006 release, Arkane has been attempting to help fans understand how this re-imagining fits in. A recent trailer provided a few more clues, revealing some interesting powers the player will use and promising the blending of simulation, player choice, and narration, a staple for the developer.

#Hidden Secrets In New Prey 2017 Game Trailer