Why Grand Theft Auto Is The Greatest Gaming Series Of All Time

Grand Theft Auto has been a fan favorite that’s revolutionized the gaming industry ever since the title burst onto the scene in 1997. Back then, Liberty City was a little different and a lot less complex, not to mention being seen from the top down. The franchise has come a long way since then, and now tops sales charts with every release. In honor of perhaps the greatest franchise in gaming history, we give you the top five achievements of the Grand Theft Auto series.

GTA: San Andreas: Best Selling PS2 Game


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas became the most successful PS2 game ever by selling roughly 27.5 million copies. Carl “CJ” Johnson was one of Rockstar’s most dynamic characters with his wide range of customization options, and really become the engine that drove GTA: San Andreas to such success. Haircuts, tattoos, clothes, and even exercising were fully customizable and made each player’s protagonist stand out from the rest.


GTA V: 65 Million and Counting

gta 5


Grand Theft Auto V absolutely obliterated game sales with over 65 million copies sold worldwide. That puts GTA V at number four on the list of total game sales ever, just behind TetrisMinecraft, and Wii Sports. What’s even more impressive, the game reached $1 billion is sales in a matter of 72 hours from the time it was released.


GTA IV: Largest Voice Cast



Grand Theft Auto IV not only ushered in a new era for the GTA franchise, but it also achieved several Guinness World Records in the process. Perhaps the most impressive one was claimed for Largest Voice Cast in a Video Game. GTA IV had an impressive 861 voice actors for the wide range of parts found within the game. No wonder this game reached $100 million in budget spent.

GTA V: 500 Million in Microtransactions


Rockstar recently released a statistic that absolutely blew my mind and will more than likely flip the video game industry on its head. GTA V recently posted $500 million in microtransactions since the game’s release. This could finally mean the end to game price inflation and pave the way for a lower initial upfront cost. Either way, $500 million is a lot of cash for in-game upgrades.

Rockstar: Global Sales Powerhouse


Rockstar is sitting on an absolute gold mine with its Grand Theft Auto franchise. Since the first game’s inception in 1997, the GTA brand has sold over 235 million copies equating to billions of dollars in revenue. The gold standard is here to stay, folks – let’s hope Rockstar’s next installment is just as inventive and unique as the last.

#Why Grand Theft Auto Is The Greatest Gaming Series Of All Time