Top 10 Best Video Games Coming In 2017

This has been a fantastic year for video games, and 2016 isn’t even over. The gaming industry is spoiling us rotten. That said, it’s never too early to get hyped for the amazing games 2017 has in store, so let’s take an advance look at the best of what’s to come.

10. Injustice 2


NetherRealm, the makers of Mortal Kombat, shocked the world with Injustice. Finally, we could live out childhood dreams of pitting Superman and Batman against one another in a fight to find out—once and for all—who would win. Or Superman vs. the Flash. Or Doomsday vs. Lex Luthor. Even better, the game was great. Injustice 2 will feature gameplay mechanics similar to the original, like the trait system and the game’s show-stopping super moves, while offering new twists, like a loot-dropping system that allows players to collect gear during fights that offer costume-specific upgrades altering play. (March TBD)

9. Shenmue 3


The long-awaited third installment in the Shenmue franchise will finally, mercifully be released in 2017. Yi Syzuki’s series, which began way back in the Dreamcast days, was years ahead of its time. Sadly, despite mounds of critical praise, it proved a commercial failure—which is why the gaming community was blown away when Sony announced during its 2015 E3 presser that a Kickstarter fundraiser had been started to gauge interest in a possible Shenmue 3. Within nine hours its $2 million goal had been surpassed; all in all, $6.6 million was raised, making it the most heavily funded game in Kickstarter history. (December TBD)

8. Crackdown 3


By the time Crackdown 3 comes out, it’ll have been six years since its predecessor debuted. What has Ruffian Games been up to all this time? Well, truthfully, no one really knows. Not much has been revealed about Crackdown 3. But what we do know is exciting: it’ll feature an open world sandbox like the previous games in the series, for sure, and judging from the trailer shown off at Microsoft’s 2015 Gamescom presentation, gamers will be transported to a massively destructive city that you can level with your god-like powers. (TBD)

7. Prey

prey .jpg

The Prey series, if you can even call it that, has had a rough life. The original Prey, released in 2006, had been in development since 1995, and went through multiple massive overhauls before it finally arrived to fan acclaim. Its sequel went through something similar before eventually being canceled long after its public announcement. But now the minds behind Fallout and Elder Scrolls are putting their full force into a new iteration of the alien invasion epic. Bethesda envisions the new Prey not as a sequel or remake, but a complete reimagining of the franchise. (TBD)

6. Quake Champions


The quintessential multiplayer first-person arena shooter series returns in 2017, as Quake Champions will try to show these young whippersnapper shooters what a good multiplayer FPS looks like. It’s going to have to battle the likes of Overwatch, Call of Duty, and Battlefield—a lofty mission, but if any FPS can change the game, it’s Quake. The Quake series bounces stylistically between different aesthetics. So far, Champions is shaping up to resemble the most beloved entry in the series, Quake 3 Arena. (TBD)

5. Scalebound


PlatiumGames doesn’t mess around. Their games are always guaranteed to be big, crazy, hyper-violent, and faster than you think you can handle. That’s what makes Scalebound so special: its epic third-person action is snail-like compared to PlatinumGames offerings like Meta Gear Rising: Revengence or the Bayonetta series. Players will control Drew, a Beats by Dre-wearing sword swinger who is aided in battle by a dragon named Thuban, whom the player can command to perform specific actions. Like a weapon in any other game, Thuban can be upgraded and modified, both in appearance and in function, to meet a player’s gameplay and aesthetic needs. Thuban is big, the boss fights are bigger, and Scalebound looks primed to wow us all in 2017. (TBD)

4. Mass Effect: Andromeda

Mass Effect  andromeda

Commander Shepard isn’t the only thing the Mass Effect series is leaving behind. It’s abandoning the Milky Way galaxy and setting up shop on the Citadel in our celestial neighbor, the Andromeda galaxy. All new planets. All new terrain. All new alien races. Actually, by definition, you will be playing the invading alien race of the series. Set centuries after the events of the original Mass Effect trilogy, the new series has you controlling a new protagonist, named Ryder, whose mission is to discover a new planet for the human race to call home. (March TBD)

3. Horizon Zero Dawn


Originality can sometimes feel like it comes at a premium in the game industry. That’s why it’s refreshing to see a game with as bonkers a premise as Horizon Zero Dawn: 1,000 years in the future, mankind has been reduced to a series of caveman-like tribal groups as the world has reverted back to a pre-historic landscape of lush greenery and dangerous wild animals…that are robots. Yep, a world where every animal is a robot. Unraveling that mystery should be as fun to as Horizon Zero Dawn’s gameplay looked in its E3 demo during Sony’s 2016 press conference. Guerrilla Games’ track record with the Killzone series proves they can create engaging gameplay, and they’re not slouching with the story, either, as they’ve brought on the writer of Fallout: New Vegas to pen the script. (February 28)

2. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild



It’s hard to blame Nintendo for keeping the Zelda franchise relatively unchanged for so long. If it works, don’t try to fix it; just add and modify and twist into new shapes to deliver new yet familiar experiences. It’s a different story for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which promises a more open and fully exportable world than any Zelda game before it. This latest entry shares more in common with Skyrim and Far Cry than traditional entries in the series. Dungeons can be explored in any order; the final boss fight could be fought, and won, at the start of the game, assuming players are crazy (and skilled) enough to pull it off. It’s a Zelda unlike any other: it hands you a controller and truly puts you in control. (TBD)

1. God of War

God Of War

Kratos is back! He’s killed off every last prominent figure in Greek mythology, and now he’s taking on the Norse gods. That means our favorite rageaholic will eviscerate the likes of Thor and Loki and Odin. In a wild but bold move for the series, Kratos is also a father again—or at least a father figure. In the demo played live during E3 2016, Kratos teaches a boy how to hunt a deer while trying (not quite successfully) to will fatherly sentiment out of himself. It’s a fascinating twist on an old property that might just bring Kratos back into the spotlight. (TBD)

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