New Square Enix RPG Video Game Coming For Apple Watch

Final Fantasy publisher Square Enix today announced its newest role-playing game, but it might not be what you expect. “Cosmos Rings” is a new title that Square Enix says is the world’s Apple Watch-exclusive role-playing game.


It’s scheduled to launch this summer, according to a report from Siliconera. The graphics are “beautiful,” making use of a dot-art style to “bring a feeling of nostalgia,” the report said.

Chaos Rings’ Takehiro Ando is working on Cosmos Rings, which will feature art from Yusuke Naora, whose previous credits a long list of Final Fantasy games, including XV.

Here’s more from Siliconera’s report:

“The story takes place in the world of the ‘Interval of Time,’ where emotions of mankind swirl. The ‘time that has stopped’ has once again continued to move, and in order to bring back the ‘Goddess of Time,’ you’ll need to face the many human emotions from the ‘Interval of Time.'”

Cosmos Rings will also send you alerts and notifications about how many steps you’ve taken on a given day, which Square Enix says can only be done through Apple Watch.

website for Cosmos Rings is now online, though it doesn’t offer many details. Keep checking back with GameSpot for more in the future.

The Apple Watch starts at $300 for the Sport version, though you can spend $17,000 on an 18-karat gold edition.

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