Predicting Reviews Score For 2016 Biggest Upcoming Games

It’s safe to say that the latter half of 2016 is one of the most jam-packed gaming lineups in gaming history. Your wallet’s sure going to feel the strain as you desperately try to figure out how to pay for all of these terrific-looking titles, and that’s exactly why you should typically wait for reviews before committing your hard-earned cash.

We now live in a world where developers receive bonuses depending on how a given game scores on the website, so it’s fair to say that its industry influence is immense. Here are our predicted Metacritic scores for 2016’s biggest games.. (DON’T GET MAD IN THE COMMENTS SECTION ITS JUST A PREDICTION….)

Watch Dogs 2 (82)

After arriving on a tidal wave of hype, the long-delayed Watch Dogs finally released to… good reviews that nevertheless proved pretty underwhelming (77-80 across its three core platforms). It was enjoyable, but lacked the complexity fans were hoping for, and milked Ubisoft’s dull mission templates for the little they’re actually worth.

watch dogs wallpaper

There’s a genuine hope and belief that Ubisoft have listened to the vocal complaints about the first game: it’s clear that Watch Dogs 2 will be far less serious and is attempting to be more “fun”.

Hopefully they’ve also sufficiently amped up the wacky hacking and increased the mission variety…even if it’ll probably still pull heavily from the generic, Assassin’s Creed-esque missions that plagued the first game.

Expect a marginal improvement and a genuinely enjoyable game for the most part, even if it’s still not at the 90+ levels most people were expecting when the original game was first revealed.

The Last Guardian (82)

Team Ico’s two prior games scored a 90 (Ico) and 91 (Shadow of the Colossus) on original release, and so there’s little doubt that their long-awaited follow-up will get good reviews, but will it similarly be regarded as a masterpiece?


There’s a lot to be skeptical of, in fairness: transitioning the game from PS3 to PS4 could result in a title that feels a little dated and behind-the-times no matter the improved visuals, and the sheer length of production could mean that it’s been a problematic game rather than one that triumphs over adversity.

Then again, maybe this is just the team’s commitment to putting out a product that doesn’t hit stores until it’s a brilliant game. Given the ridiculous level of hype surrounding it, though, a gentle lowering of expectations to around the 80 mark probably isn’t a bad thing, and if we’re wrong, then we’ll be glad to be.

Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare (84)

The Call of Duty series is in something of a rut right now: no matter how many gimmicks it seems to hurl at players and critics, the reviews typically level out around the late 70s or early 80s. That’s just the way it is these days.

call of duty

Though Infinity Ward’s last title, CoD: Ghosts, was one of the very worst core entries into the franchise, that might be all the more reason why their upcoming Infinite Warfare could blow the last few games out of the water and truly feel like a breath of fresh air.

The move into radical sci-fi space warfare has been controversial with fans, though critics are typically less finicky and more open-minded to change, so there’s every possibility this huge reinvention will actually result in some of the series’ strongest reviews of the last few years.

Not that it really matters, because the game’s going to sell like hot cakes regardless.

Battlefield 1 (86)

The core Battlefield games have always performed consistently well into the 80s, and if EA DICE give Battlefield 1 a much smoother launch than Battlefield 4, then they should be onto another winner here.

battlefield 3

The visuals, unique WW1 setting and gigantic multiplayer set-pieces should result in Battlefield being the best-reviewed FPS of the “big three” this year (the other two being CoD and Titanfall), even without any fancy sci-fi tricks.

Reports from the closed alpha testing have been extremely positive for the most part, and while it won’t exactly reinvent the wheel, it’s reasonable to expect another absurdly addictive multiplayer suite that’ll keep you glued to your platform of choice for months.

No Man’s Sky (80)

No Man’s Sky is going to be this year’s game that gets a lot of critical lee-way for its insane level of ambition…even though it’s actually not that incredible. It may very well be “the Spore of 2016”, though likely not nearly as underwhelming as that title was.

no mans sky

The problem with this game is that people have a pre-existing idea of what it should be, and Hello Games haven’t done a terrific job of letting us know exactly what it’s going to be.

Though it’s reasonable to expect a lot of player backlash, critics are likely to be a little more understanding and probably still give it the benefit of the doubt, even if No Man’s Sky likely won’t end up with the Game of the Year accolades everyone’s hoping for.


#Predicting Reviews Score For 2016 Biggest Upcoming Games