Nintendo Will Probably Reveal NX Console On Gamescom 2016

Despite Nintendo’s new NX platform apparently hitting stores next March, we’re eight months away without a single look at the console, an official name, or any idea what it might actually be beyond rumours. After giving E3 a miss, there’s persistent word doing the rounds that Nintendo will fully unveil the console at Gamescom, which will be held from August 17-21.


Why It Will Happen: By this point, Nintendo would be 6-7 months away from launching the NX, which is pretty much the perfect time window to launch an aggressive marketing campaign that hits the ground running.

Why It Might Not: Nintendo haven’t really been beholden to flashy conference shows in recent years and could very well reveal the console at a Nintendo Direct presentation instead. Secondly, it’s possible that the NX will move from that March date, and so its unveiling will be delayed accordingly.

#Nintendo Will Probably Reveal NX Console On Gamescom 2016