Top 10 Best Racing Video Games Of All Time

Everyone loves a good racer, both casuals and hardcore gamers. Sometimes it’s tough finding a fun racing game to play, whether you want to pore over countless infinitesimal details of car-tuning or just grab a special pick-up and have some arcade-style fun with friends. No worries, here’s a quick list of the top 10 racing games you’ll most certainly want to play or at least check out… assuming you’re in the mood to rev-up some engines and enjoy a laid back time burning rubber on the pavement, or rushing through the digital wind at unimaginably high speeds.

No need to mince your time with wasted words, it’s time to get right to it. Check out Thegamefreakshow list of the top 10 racing games. There’s bound to be something in here for everyone.

10. Wipeout HD/Fury

3. Gran Turismo 6