Top 10 Best WWE Video Game Covers Of All Time

The beast-sized cat is out of the beast-sized bag as Brock Lesnar has been revealed as the cover star for WWE 2K17.

WWE’s Beast Incarnate was unveiled as the face of the new game in one of those teaser trailers 2K have proven to be masters at.

With an attempt to completely separate them from the memories of the games inside the box, here are the ten best WWE video game covers of all time.

10. WWE 2K16

Simple and to the point, anything with Stone Cold Steve Austin on it is a winner in my book – even something as bad as those mugs shaped like his massive chrome dome you used to be able to buy during the Texas Rattlesnake’s pomp.

With a smattering of broken glass and the traditional 2K colours of red and black harking back to the colour scheme used during the Attitude Era, this is a cover that appealed to generations aplenty.


Even though the image of Stone Cold is recycled, having been used many times before in promotional material for a plethora of WWE events and the like, it’s vintage – sorry to bring a dollop of Maggle Cole to the fore. Stone Cold couldn’t sum up what the Toughest SOB in WWE history is all about any better.

This looks like being the formula that WWE and 2K will use till their marriage ends in an amicable divorce somewhere near the end of time.

9. MicroLeague Wrestling

For the standards of the day way back in 1987, the words on the cover of WWF MicroLeague Wrestling were nothing more than a pack of lies which is why this cover ranks so highly in my affections. How can you not love a cover that completely oversells what is inside the box?


The image of Hulk Hogan is staggeringly brilliant with his arms that look like he’s either spent too much time in the sun, slowly turning into Barney The Dinosaur, or had some sort of allergic reaction to his fake tan. Who in their right mind thought this looked good?

Oh the 1980s, they were so mad.

This has to be one of the worst WWE covers in history, so bad in fact that it’s absolutely brilliant and deserving of its place amongst the very best of all time!

What? It makes sense in my head…

8. Royal Rumble

This cover for 1993’s classic Royal Rumble for Super Nintendo is a cut above the standards of the day. It’s ahead of its time, so much so that if a similar design was used today – and I know the pictures wouldn’t look as… sh*t…with modern technology and whatnot – you wouldn’t bat an eyelid. It would fit right in.


Even though the images on the cover look like badly photocopied snaps printed off using the freshest of old school printer cartridges – you know, when the ink is in such plentiful amounts that it’s a few shades darker than the actual image you’re printing – the cast of characters is one you have to marvel at. It’s one of the things that make aged wrestling games like this so great, even though you don’t get the roster depth you get in new games; every star showcased on a game is sure to be a bonafide WWE Hall of Famer.

All killer, no fi… Arnold Schwarzenegger as a pre-order bonus.

Even though early ’90s WWF isn’t remembered very fondly for the action inside the ring, this game is certainly a highlight in terms of definitive titles from years gone by. The cover sets the tone and the greatness continues throughout

7. WWF Betrayal

You remember WWF Betrayal, right? It’s the GameBoy classic where you can play as Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H, or The Undertaker with the aim of saving Stephanie McMahon… it’s always about Steph, isn’t it?


This gave gamers the chance to relive the Attitude Era angle that saw The Deadman kidnap the Billion Dollar Princess as part of that Higher Power schtick. You know the one where Vince McMahon was revealed to be the man behind ‘Taker’s dastardly doings and we all sighed like we’ve never sighed before.

What makes this cover so great is the shadow that is standing over a shocked Stephanie. I don’t know what it is, but I’m just imagining him being a streaker, or something as similarly perverse, which is causing McMahon to act all horrified.

She was turned on by Rikishi dressed as a woman remember? It would take a lot to get her looking like she is there.


Wrestling’s Rudest And Roughest? Considering this game hit the shelves in the winter of 1994, those are two words that couldn’t be further from the truth in terms of what was happening inside a WWF ring at the time.

I’m a huge fan of irony alright? And lies, I love a good pork pie.


For the mid 1990s, the design of this cover is extremely well done. As Royal Rumble showed you earlier in this article, simply putting pre existing photos of Superstars on the cover of a game could go wrong back then. This however is a bit of a masterpiece and just works. The Superstars appearing inside the RAW logo with the vintage visual effects used on top is a great touch. It might be a bit lop sided due to all the details at the bottom of the cover, but I can see past those.

5. In Your House: There Goes The Neighbourhood

Look at that people! Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels and Vader are delivering high risk moves to a damn house!

That house had a family inside of it surely? RIP in pieces house and people, one and all.

What more do I need to say? They just don’t make them like this anymore. The ’90s were so fun weren’t they?

So yeah, three wrestlers threatening to flatten a house speaks for itself in my book. It’s great, let’s move on.

4. WWE All Stars

One thing I’ve quickly learned from looking at WWE video game covers from years and generations gone by is how similar they all are. The likes of Crush Hour aside, they all follow the same tried and tested formula that sees one, two, or three Superstars laid over a lovely background.

Wallpapersxl Wwe All Stars 1742490 1920x1080.png

YAWN! Let’s have some All Stars in our lives.

I loved All Stars just because it was different. It was wacky and something just that bit too fanciful which is what our games should be. Realism goes too far in this day and age.

The look of the Superstars depicted on the cover speaks for itself. It’s striking and unlike anything we had seen before or have seen since.

3. WWE SmackDown Vs. RAW

Taking inspiration from that classic Invasion PPV image where Vince and Shane’s head is split in two to represent their sides, the first SmackDown vs. RAW game’s cover might just have trumped the original.


Vince’s menacing look and the colour job done on both sides of his beautiful face is a simple concept that just works. They don’t need to be complicated these video game covers, you know.

Once more it’s different to the ordinary formula of just having a group of stars standing there in some dramatic pose. A bit of thought went into this one and the results are brilliant. Just the job for a WWE when RAW and SmackDown were going head to head.

It’s a bit of a shame WWE and 2K couldn’t have delayed the release of 2K17’s cover till after the brand extension where we could have seen Shane and Stephanie’s – or whoever takes charge of both shows – faces made into something like this

2. WWF Attitude

Representative of the product in the ring at the time, the serious imagery tainted by crimson red was the perfect cover for the Attitude Era’s signature game.

This cover has Attitude in spades. Get it? LOL.


The game inside the box wasn’t too bad either, but as I mentioned in the intro, this list isn’t taking the game the cover represented into account – as hard as that is when WWF Attitude is concerned. It’s the first wrestling video game I owned don’t you know?

A definitive title in WWE’s video game collection with the most definitive of covers. You can’t speak highly enough of that collection of stars, their configuration on the image and the after effects drafted in too.

1. WWE ’13

In an age when the hand picked poster boys reigned supreme on all WWE promotional material, one rebel who made it against the odds broke the status quo.

For me, CM Punk made it cool to be a wrestling fan once again during that summer of Punk and beyond; it also turns out he has the most iconic WWE video game cover of all time.


Yes it’s one Superstar on the cover but it’s different from the norm, such was the man the image is depicting. The pose, the attention to detail in his tattoos and most of all just the downright badass look of it all is what sets this cover apart from the rest.

Even though the game inside the box had a great whopping Attitude Era mode incorporated into it, Punk still managed to be so popular that WWE, and an undoubtedly begrudging Vince McMahon, had no choice but to have his likeness on the front of the box when a Stone Cold or Ministry Undertaker may have been the preferred choice.

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