Sony Playstation 4 Neo Will Be Priced At $400

Supposedly, Sony will require that all games released from October 2016 forward offer support for both console versions out of the box, and that games shipping in late September must have a day-one patch to add in the functionality. That’s according to Giant Bomb’s report, but it doesn’t mean that the PlayStation 4.5 will necessarily release at the start of October: Sony has reportedly given the OK for games to ship with Neo support before the console itself does.


Still, that estimate lines up pretty well with what we’ve heard previously: a Wall Street Journal report in March suggested that Sony would announce the PlayStation 4.5 in advance of the PlayStation VR’s release in October, so that buyers would have the option of grabbing the higher-end console alongside the headset.

A pairing of the PlayStation VR and PS4.5 would make Sony’s VR offering seem a lot more capable compared to the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, as well, even if those are PC-based options. Maybe we’ll even see a super-sized bundle with everything tossed into one pricey box.

Stone Ps4

Given E3’s status as the annual hotspot for massive video game industry announcements in June, we initially thought we’d be most likely hear about the PlayStation 4.5 then and see a release pretty close to the PlayStation VR in October, but an E3 announcement was specifically denied by House.

Kotaku’s original report on the system suggested that a price point could fall around $400, although the site’s sources didn’t have any consensus on that. If true, we imagine the older model will drop further in price to better differentiate the two.

#Sony Playstation 4 Neo Will Be Priced At $400