PS4 Remote Play Is Also Coming To iPhone And iPad

Talk member johnchan dropped by the forums to mention an ongoing project to bring PS4 Remote Play to iOS devices. The project is codenamed PlayCast and is already taking applications for Beta.


Remote Play on the PS4 is a cool feature that lets you play your PS4 from another device. And it works over the internet too, so technically you could be traveling on the other side of the world and playing your PS4 remotely from your laptop.


The issue is that Sony officially only support a subset of clients: PC, MacOS, the PS Vita, and a couple of specific Android phones, including from its Xperia brand. Unofficial clients added wide Android support as well as Windows support (before Sony started officially supporting PC clients). We outline all the options on our PS4 Remote Play page.

The developers state:

We are looking for testers for our upcoming app called PlayCast, that allows you to remotely play your PlayStation 4 using an iOS device. This can work on your home network, or even over the internet, allowing you to play your games from anywhere.

To test this app you must have a PS4 linked with a PSN account and running v3.55 system software, a home WiFi network and an iPad/iPhone running iOS 8 or higher.[…]

It is unfortunately not possible to connect the DualShock 4 controller to iOS devices, so PlayCast can be controlled either with an on-screen virtual controller or any MFi game controller.

#PS4 Remote Play Is Also Coming To iPhone And iPad