Vsauce3 The Best Science Youtube Channel

Well Today Youtube is one of the biggest and 2nd most searched website in the world and with the success of youtube comes the Youtubers most of them are gamers or entertainment channels rest of them are tech, makeup tutorials and more but there is one category that is actually very rare on youtube “science related education channels” but luckily we have Vsauce3 probably the most fun and most education science channel on Youtube.

So why Vsauce if you are into some crazy science sh*t then you should definately check out the Vsauce3 he covers almost some of the most crazy topics you can Imagine I mean he made a freaking 2 hours long video just named  “” people better know him as Vsauce3 but his actual name is Jake Roper he is one of the best and most honest youtubers I have seen in my life.

Well Why watch Vsauce3! because he covers crazy topics but in his video he actually solves them and some of his videos like “Could We Survive A Fallout” are recorded with $50,000 camera and the quality of his videos are just… Well I cannot say about his video quality because you should see for yourself. And most importantly he also covers some of the most creepy and unkown Video Game theories so Jake does give some love to us gamers also.

Well that’s about it I am a big fan of Jake and if you are reading this I just want one thing make more Video Game videos! 🙂

Note – This is not a paid article all words are my own

#Vsauce3 The Best Science Youtube Channel