Top 10 Most Crazy Grand theft Auto Mods Of All Time

What can make one of the greatest game franchises even better? That’s right, mods. Welcome to Thegamefreakshow and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 Crazy GTA Mods.

For this list we look at mods from any game in the series that add new elements to the game. We have decided to rule out the infamous Hot Coffee mod as all it does is reveal hidden files and mechanics that were hidden in the game.

10: Imperial Star Destroyer
“GTA 5” (2013)

d538ee-GTA5 2015-08-29 19-14-07.png
Ever wondered what it would be like to have the Imperial Empire show their dominance over your city? Well this mod which works as a replacement for the Blimps, allows you to showcase the iconic film Cruisers in high altitude above Los Santos, and boy are they a sight to behold. While they currently lack laser fire abilities … for now, You can take them for a spin all over the map. If you’re still hungry Sci-fi, there’s another mod that’ll allow you to spawn the Reaper Dreadnauts from the Mass Effect series.

9: Firefighter
“GTA V” (2013)

Harkening back to features of previous GTA games where you could take control of some emergency services, this mod allows you to tackle a raging inferno or heroically resuscitate a damsel in distress. For once the fire truck is put to a better use than just hosing down unsuspecting pedestrians, as it is your most valuable tool in saving innocent lives. It is rare to be on the right side of the law in any GTA title but this mod gives you the opportunity to do some good in the community.

8: Mayhem Mod
“GTA V” (2013)

gta 5.jpg
Cars are being flung left right and centre in this mod that leaves a mighty fine trail of destruction in your wake. Essentially, this mod makes it look like an invisible hand is swiping cars off the road or flinging God mode or invincibility is a must have as if a bus is suddenly attracted to you, you’re guaranteed to be picking up a lot of damage. Using relatively simple push and pull mechanics, this mod creates a sure fire way to pick up five stars wanted level in as short a time as possible.

7: Meteor Shower
“GTA V” (2013)

If anywhere is in need of a cleansing from god then it is the sordid city of Los Santos that will be top of the list. Meteors will rain down from the sky to destroy anything they land on. The flaming pieces of rock are impressively animated to give a real sense of the apocalypse as helpless citizens frantically scream and run for their lives. You’ll barely be able to move for more than a few seconds before being struck down but it’s still so much fun.

6: Graphics mod 2013
“GTA IV” (2008)

gta 4 .jpg
The living and breathing world of Liberty City is already pretty spectacular without any enhancement but this addition takes it to another level. The world feels far more realistic and immersive, much like something using EA’s Frostbyte engine, to add an extra layer to the home of Niko Bellic. Liberty City is already a pretty good reconstruction of New York City and this mod definitely takes you one step closer to the real Big Apple. Similar to the ENB mod for the game, it adds a new dimension that previously couldn’t be appreciated.

5: Tsunami
“GTA V” (2013)

gta 5 tsunami.jpg
Ever wondered what Los Santos would look like in the aftermath of a huge tsunami? Imagine no more as every inch of the map is covered in water apart from the tops of the very largest buildings in the city. The top of one of these buildings provides the best viewpoint to take in the carnage caused by the mammoth waves. After that, dive in to take a close up look to see what’s been left behind on the brand new sea floor.

4: Pedestrian Riot
“GTA 5” (2013)

Ever wondered what it’d be like if every NPC in the game acted like you? Well now you can, although this mod ends up being less of a riot and more of an all-out war on the streets of Los Santos. All pedestrians are kitted out with some sort of weapon and are more than happy to use it to take out the player and fellow citizens. You can give the angry pedestrians a wide birth if you just want to watch the carnage unfold but with no cops about, you can go on a spree without fear of retribution.

3: Back To The Future
“GTA: San Andreas” (2004) to “GTA V” (2013)

One of the most iconic vehicles from cinema is expertly brought to life in the GTA titles. Not only is the Delorean faithfully recreated but many of the famous sound effects from the film series are included to add to the authenticity. When you reach 88mph you will you will disappear in the classic lines of flame and then burst back into the scene in a flash of light, having the game cycle from day to night and vice versa, which will really make you feel like you’re an actual time traveller!

2: Iron Man
“GTA IV” (2008) and “GTA V” (2013)

iron man.jpg
Comic book mods are common fare for Let’s Players and it won’t be a surprise to see the Hulk or Ghost Rider stepping foot in Liberty City or Los Santos. It is Tony Stark’s alter ego that is the most fun to take control of however. As well as having a cool model adjustment, you can fly, hover and shoot beams from your hands, just like in the comics. To really put you in Iron Man’s helmet be sure to activate the HUD and turn on Jarvis, although I don’t see him approving of the mayhem you’re sure to cause.

1: Online Multiplayer
“GTA San Andreas” (2004)

Even before GTA V’s online mode became a multiplayer phenomenon, there were already thousands of players blowing each other up on the internet in Los Santos. The commitment from modders to create this world is absolutely astonishing. There is the usual free roam mode but players can also take part in races, death matches and dozens more customs game modes. As well as being a technical feat, it is a brilliant bit of nostalgia that you and any number of friends can enjoy.