Now You Can Play Gameboy Advance On Xbox One

One of the best Gameboy emulators seems to be making its way to the Xbox One for free.

VBA10 is a Windows 10 Gameboy emulator that’s capable of playing all your gameboy games include Advance. Thanks to user  p4n0pt1c0n he was able to get it working on his Xbox thanks to Microsoft’s universal integration of both Windows and Xbox store.

According to the emulator description this will allow:


  • Play all Game Boy games (GBA, GBC and GB).
    Auto save and load your progress.
  • Xbox 360 and HID gamepads support though it probably won’t support that on Xbox One.
  • Turbo mode.
  • Cheat code support.

Time will tell if Microsoft decides to pull the plug but seeing as how the emulator has been sitting in the Windows store for a while it shouldn’t be an issue. Users should be able to access the emulator with the new update this summer.

#Now You Can Play Gameboy Advance On Xbox One