How All Nintendo Video Game Franchises Are Connected

For the top spot, an absolutely brilliant – and totally insane – theory on how almost every Nintendo franchise can be connected. Totalling over 7000 words which you can read in full here, it includes everything from multiple character origins to wars between ‘factions’, realms colliding together and everything else.


Some choice cuts include:

– The creatures of Animal Crossing are super evolved, advanced Pokémon who’ve started to breed with more regular animals and over time, developed a language and kinship with humans.
– Star Fox’s adventures are the result of this, eventually seeing half-human/half-animal hybrids war with one another, before jetting off to look for alternate planets and places to survive.
– The Mario Bros. live in underground in pipes and sewer works (becoming what we’d label as plumbers), before ‘warping’ up to the surface and tackling Bowser, who repeatedly kidnaps one high-ranking human Princess, due to all the aforementioned factional warfare.
– Super Smash Bros. Master Hand is you, the gamer, the omnipotent God of this entire thing, picking and choosing characters to clash and ‘play’ with for no real reason, just because you feel like it.

Heavy stuff, but absolutely incredible that someone would go through all the time and effort to put it all together in the first place.